“We do what we say, and say what we do”

We are an all-round, reliable and certified construction company with short lines, enthusiastic and professional workers. PHB de Combi delivers as a medium size construction company, high level craftsmanship. We are located in Elst (Gelderland province) and in the city of Utrecht. Amongst others, our clients are governments, education- and care centers, real estate investors, retail and other companies. Besides that, we also work on our own projects. We are service oriented and we aim for a relationship with our clients and customers. We invest in the education of our staff and we are also a certified training company. PHB is proud of their employees and we take good care of them.

PHB Deventer B.V. is our parent company. Together we are a part of “Aan de Stegge United Companies” (ASVB-group). A financial stable group of 22 fully independent innovative companies in the area of construction and real estate. While we operate independent we can also use the synergy between the companies, to design, construct and build / realize the more challenging projects for our clients.

We work by order of many international companies like: Swedish retail company, Shurgard, Kraft Heinz, CEVA Logistics, CAPREIT (CanLiving) and are familiar with international safety regulations. We have three pillars for working together on projects: Innovation and sustainability, integrity and transparency and working safely in a healthy environment.

PHB De Combi is very experienced and specializes in:

  • Renovations
  • Restorations
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Projects (newbuild)
  • Project development
  • Retail

For service and maintenance and for bathrooms-, kitchens- and toilet-renovations, we cover specific areas in The Netherlands (below you see a map of the specific areas). For projects we cover the entirety of the Netherlands.

We have specialist departments for all your projects. For constructing a new building, the renovation of your store or maintenance work at your buildings. We are ready to get to it!

“We advise and realize the entire construction process for you!”

Because of our years of experience and our expertise we know exactly what is possible and what can be achieved. PHB de Combi is specialized in the entire construction process, from the initiation phase to the service & maintenance phase and restoration of buildings.  Together with our partners we provide a complete service.


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We are a certified company

PHB de Combi is certified according to the ISO-certification guidelines and is VCA** (Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) Checklist for Contractors)  certified. We use these guidelines to help us keep sharp and to keep developing ourselves.

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Below are our most recent certificates: (Click on the logo to view the certificate).


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“PHB De Combi B.V. realizes project:

Delta-Actiw Warehouse Extension at Kraft Heinz in Elst”

H.J. Heinz Company is one of the largest food companies in the world. In Elst they make the Heinz Tomato Ketchup and sauces for entire Europe.

The location in Elst has been expended over time,  and there are the daily adjustments where multiple construction companies are involved. One of them being our company, PHB De Combi.

In November 2018 we got the Contract for three projects:

  • The expansion of the existing hall for pallet transport, with an increase of 200 m2 (finished march 2019)
  • The building of a new warehouse with a size of 450 m2 (in preparation phase)
  • Raising the connection hallways between the existing buildings (medio 2019 ready)

The terrains surrounding the compounds were also adjusted.

An important factor for Heinz is the continuity of their logistic process. The daily operations in the factory must continue, which requires that the work has to be planned into detail and aligned with Heinz Operational Management. This is all done while following the strict safety regulations and registration procedures.


“PHB De Combi B.V. realizes project:


Shurgard is the largest owner and operator of self-storage facilities in Europe with over 250 self-storage centers in:  the Netherlands, France, Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and Denmark.

In the past couple of years we received contracts for the following five projects.

  • The enlargement of an establishment in Amsterdam for Shurgard Netherlands. After constructing two tower units, the existing building was expanded with 4.600 m2. (Finished in 2021)
  • A new establishment in Zoetermeer for Shurgard Netherlands. The building has a surface area of approximately 6.000 m2. (Finished in 2021)
  • A new establishment in Utrecht for Shurgard Netherlands. (Finished in 2019)
  • In cooperation with Acoma dak & Wandbeplating nine establishments were renovated for Shurgard Netherlands (Finished in 2016)
  • The renovation of an establishment near Brussel for Shurgard Belgium. (Finished in 2018)
  • The renovation of an establishment close to Antwerpen for Shurgard Belgium. The building has been restyled. (Finished in 2018)


Shurgard’s criteria emphasizes the acquisition and development of high- quality storage units that are conveniently accessible to their clients in markets they are active in. Their existing establishments are improved after renovation and the new establishments are built with high quality.


  • PHB De Combi is volgens
    ISO normen en VCA** gecertificeerd.
  • Certificaat Kwaliteitsmanagementsysteem
  • Certificaat Milieumanagementsysteem
  • Certificaat Veiligheidsmanagementsysteem
  • Certificaat Veiligheidsladder
  • Certificaat Maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen
  • FSC-keurmerk
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